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A Reasonable Mind


It should not be a surprise to learn our Creator is the epitome of a reasonable mind. Unfortunately, it would surprise far too many. Our penchant for controversy puts crackpots in the spiritual spotlight, so we hear more about how “God HATES Homos!” and less about the Creator’s self-disclosure, which is infinitely more useful.

Consider two obvious points, which somehow eludes Pop Wisdom:

  1. Science works because the fabric of the universe is a weave of reasonable, scientific laws. Science indicates Creation is the product of a reasonable mind comprehensible by reasoning minds.
  2. A useful inquiry about God should begin with the assumption that God is a reasonable mind. An irrational, unreasonable, nonsensical, unintelligible Creator is not good news for the rest of us! What is the benefit of assuming a worse-case scenario?

Simply put, it is reasonable to make allowance for the Creator to reveal Himself in a reasonable fashion. There is sufficient reason to investigate a Creator with a reasonable mind.

The Ineffable Confusion

“Come, let us reason together,” God said. It was recorded by the prophet Isaiah some 2600 years ago, yet it challenges conventional wisdom today.

Postmodernism claims the spiritual realm is non-rational. The assumption is that God is not constrained by our logic, and beyond the reach of human language to describe. It’s the old argument that finite, human minds cannot comprehend “The Ineffable”, as It is known. The assumptions seem reasonable enough, and probably explains why the religion of Postmodernism is so widespread and popular. Christians hear it hear all the time – how pretentious it is to claim knowledge about God!

Yet it seems God disagrees He is The Great Unknowable. “Come, let us reason together,” is a clear invitation to use our reason and language to understand Him. It may not be a complete understanding, but those of us who are married realize it is possible to know someone quite well without knowing everything about the person.

This is a big game-changer, like opening a letter from the IRS announcing an audit…it makes you wonder what you forgot to report.

An Obvious Point

God’s invitation for reasonable dialog means something is missing with Postmodernism – sometimes we’re so smart, we’re dumb. Pop culture’s view of God misses God’s view of God. Might God have something to say about Himself. Surely God is fully capable of making Himself reasonably clear?

God carefully documented His offer to “reason together” so we can meet God on non-threatening ground, where reasonable minds come together. Postmodernism is perhaps the most unreasonable way to view God – and therefore frightening – because it claims the spiritual realm is unknown and unknowable, which is truly frightful.

What a relief it is to know that God is a reasonable mind! It should be an obvious point, since He gave us the ability to reason. (Where else could reason originate? By accident?) Animals are bound by instinct, but humans can rise above the natural world and decipher Creation with a reasonable mind. What we call “science” can also be called “Knowing God”, since He created what scientists study. Science is, by definition, reasonable thought. The Creation is reasonable, and the Creator is reasonable.

Since God gave us the right to think reasonably, why can’t we give God the right to reason with us?

What Opportunity!

The prospect of reasonable interactions with God is an opportunity found nowhere else on earth, from no other religion or philosophy outside the Bible. God honors us by sharing His ability to reason with us. Again, nowhere else on earth except in the Bible is God known to honor humans without first demanding absolute devotion.

It is difficult to exaggerate how wonderful it is that God is appealing to us! Religions everywhere depict an aloof and demanding deity requiring that we do all the appealing and begging. Where else on this planet can you find God saying this about Himself:

“Truly I say to you, that he [the Master] will gird himself to serve, and have them recline at the table, and will come up and wait on them.” Luke 12:37

Serving is part of God’s DNA, and why He wants to “reason together” rather than dictate terms. His reasonable approach suddenly makes God highly accessible and not threatening, like “The Ineffable” of Postmodernism. Consider just a few of the implications:

  • A reasonable mind is reliable because it is logical, not capricious or random. Unlike Postmodernism, which claims God is non-rational, the Bible makes it possible to have a sane discussion of the spiritual world.
  • A reasonable mind promotes free choice through careful examination of the truth. God does not rely on coercion, suppression and deception like so many religions used in history.
  • A reasonable mind relies on verifiable truth to justify conclusions, and God gave us His Word in order to educate us on the evidence, so we can verify the truth of His claims.
  • A reasonable mind is kind and patient enough to address personal objections. God does not need to win any argument. He invites us to reason with Him in order to resolve our alienation with Him.

End of Confusion

Without exception, outside of the Bible God is silent and shrouded in dark mystery. People unfamiliar with world religions are surprised to learn only the Bible claims to record God’s direct revelation.

Suddenly it becomes infinitely easier to “reason together” with God when His reasoning is spelled-out, in writing. “Always get it in writing,” is the well-known approach for understanding the facts, so God openly invites anyone to examine “God’s Word”, as the Bible calls itself. Since “God is the same yesterday, today, and forever,” His Word says anyone can still “reason together” with Him the way others have done for thousands of years.

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